Biochemic Medicines

We are a well experienced Biochemic Medicines company, leading from the forefront in the domain of homeopathy medicines. The Biochemic treatment system is basically based on the theory that the health of body’s cells is dependent on the particular amount of 12 inorganic salts in them. Any deficiency or variation in these inorganic salts leads to various ailments and diseases. Herein, biochemic liquid or Homeopathic Biochemic Tablets can be given to the patient. Acknowledged as a highly renowned manufacturer, supplier and exporter, we promise to offer safe to use and effective range of Biochemic Medicines. The Biochemic Tablets Homeopathic offered by us are formulated under hygienic conditions & strictly in adherence to the homeopathy standards as well as norms.

Our range of Biochemic Medicines includes Calcarea Fluor., Calcarea Phos., Calcarea Sulph., Ferrum Phos., Kali Muriatica, Kali Phos., Kali Sulph., Magnesia Phos., Natrum Muriatica, Natrum Phos., Natrum Sulph. & Silicea. All these are available in 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, and 200x potency in tablet form. Further, our medicines come with no side effects, longer shelf life and extreme reliability features.

Biochemic Medicines

Calcarea fluor.

Kali muriatica

Natrum muriatica

Calcarea phos.

Kali phos.

Natrum phos.

Calcarea sulph.

Kali sulph.

Natrum sulph.

Ferrum phos.

Magnesia phos.


All are available in 3x, 6x, 12x, 30x, 200x Potencies in Tablet form