Terms Of business

Price :

Goods are supplied at the price ruling on the date of despatch. Transportation and all other charges are extra. Payment :

Strictly cash, through Registered / V.P. post or through any scheduled bank.

All orders should accompany at least 25% of the value with a minimum of Rs.20.00 in advance. Advance should be remitted by money order / by CTS cheque / by bank draft drawn in our ( Hahnemann Publishing Co. Private Ltd.) favour and payable at Kolkata. Advance may be remitted direct to our bank account also.

For foreign orders either the full value should be remitted in advance by bank draft drawn on any bank at Kolkata or direct to our account through bank transfer.

Packing :

Goods to be packed for transportation will be charged extra.

G.S.T. : G.S.T. will be charged extra, as per G.S.T.Rules, at the rate applicable on the date of despatch of the goods.

Small Orders :

Articles worth Rs.50.00 or less are not sent per V.P. post. Orders worth Rs.50.00 or less should be sent with its full value including G.S.T., packing and transportation charges in advance.

The minimum postage and packing charge for a registered parcel are Rs.36.00 and Rs.12.00 respectively and the number of medicines in 10ml packing that can go in such a parcel is about seven.

Loss and damage :

When goods are sent by road transport, they are insured and claim for any loss or damage are to be filed with the local agents of the insurance company. However, when goods are sent on carrier's risk, no claim for loss and damage during transit is entertained.


All orders excepting those placed at our counters should be sent to our Head Office at 165, Bipin Behary Ganguly Street, Kolkata 700012 by post / courier / e-mail.

Potency and Form : In ordering medicines, please specify the POTENCY as well as the FORM [ liquid, globules, pills, powder ( trituration ) or tablets ] in which you wish to have them. Unless otherwise stated homoeopathic medicines are generally supplied in liquid form and biochemic medicines in tablet form.

Address :

Write the full address distinctly – Name (in full), House No., Road Name, Town or Village, Post Office, District, Pin code and Phone number. In case of large orders the name of the nearest Transport Station and the name and address of the bankers should also be stated.

Errors :

Should there be any error on our part in executing an order, it will afford us much pleasure to correct it on receiving prompt notice of the same.


Medicines are available with us in the following packings only:

5 gram (in globule form only)
10 millilitre and 10 gram
30 millilitre and 30 gram
100 millilitre
500 gram (powders & tablets only)

Customers are requested to place their orders for medicines in the above packings only.