Homoeopathic Medicines

The potencies indicated are the lowest  available and triturations are indicated in italic

  • Kali aceticum ϕ
    Kali arsenicosum 1x
    Kali benzoicum 1x
    Kali bicarbonicum 3x
    Kali bichromicum ϕ
    Kali bichromicum lx
    Kali bromatum lx
    Kali carbonicum 4
    Kali carbonicum 3x
    Kali causticum 3
    Kali chloricum 6x
    Kali chromicum 28
    Kali cyanatum 6x
    Kali ferrocyanatum lx
    Kali hypophosphorosum 6x
    Kali iodatum 3x
    Kali muriaticum lx
    Kali nitricum 3x
    Kali oxalicum 28
    Kali permanganicum 3x
    Kali phosphoricum 3x
    Kali salicylate 198
    Kali silicatum 6x
    Kali sulpho-cyanide 6x
    Kali sulphuratum 28
    Kali sulphuricum lx
    Kalmia latifolia ϕ
    Kamala ϕ
    Keratin 3x
    Koch's lymph 28
    Kousso 3
    Kreosotum ϕ

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