Speciallly Purified Rectified Spirit

Preparation and dispensing of Homoeopathic medicines require best quality Ethyl Alcohol Rectified Spirit or ENA even if they are of Pharmacopoeial grade may not be best suitable for those purposes as they may contain traces of Acetaldehyde produced in situ by aerial oxidation of the Alcohol. It is therefore always better to use freshly prepared specially purified Dispensing Alcohol of 160o strength or Strong Alcohol (Alcohol Fortis) of about 175o strength free of all such impurities and HAPCO for the sake of the profession supplies the same to the practitioners and researchers in 30ml, 125ml and 500ml packing.

Specially Purified Hapco quality Rectified Spirit 60 Deg O. P.

  • For Homoeopathic Practitioners of West Bengal in 30 ml, 125 ml and 500 ml packings
  • For Permit Holders of West Bengal in bulk packing

Alcohol Fortis ( Strong Alcohol )

For Permit Holders of West Bengal in bulk packing.


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